Everything You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Furniture

Not so long ago, traditional furniture was built to last and be passed on through generations. Today, however, the trend has turned to low-cost, mass-produced furniture that’s built to be replaced. When unsustainable, toxic, and non-biodegradable materials are used to make this short-lived furniture, it’s incredibly damaging to the environment.

Fortunately, however, there are now lots of eco-friendly furniture options that are sustainable, safe for the environment, and suitable for any homeowner’s unique style.

Since eco-friendly furniture is designed specifically to reduce your home’s environmental impact, sustainable pieces are built to stand the test of time and shift the perception of furniture being disposable. Having high-quality, durable furniture that is kept for a lifetime means fewer raw materials and energy resources are needed to produce new furniture; this also means less pollution from the production, transportation and disposal of mass-produced furniture.

Don’t forget about style

While it’s essential to prioritise your home’s sustainability, you’ll see from our handmade collection that you can still have great style while staying eco-friendly. Green furniture needn’t be boring; whether you prefer a sleek, contemporary look or a style that’s more rustic, there are countless options available from our unique range.

Added benefits

Along with durability, style and environmental sustainability, eco-friendly furniture offers important additional benefits. Furniture made from recycled materials is extremely cost-effective, and green furniture is also completely safe and non-toxic.

Furniture that is eco-friendly should tick some or all of the following boxes:

  • Made of sustainable materials that can be renewed rapidly. Eco-friendly materials include recycled materials and wood from sustainable resources.
  • No toxic chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are used in the production process.
  • Produced in a resource-efficient manner usually handcrafted.
  • Minimal carbon footprint when shipping and delivering the furniture.
  • Fair Trade Certification and ethical manufacturing process

Buying eco-friendly furniture is an important part of green living aka an organic lifestyle and is a very rewarding way to live.

The increasingly wide range of styles and options available means there is bound to be an option to meet every taste.

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