Home Office - Minimal Colour. Maximum Style.

Home Office Inspo: Earthy tones and soft minimalism.

I spend a LOT of time in this room so when styling it, comfort and functionality were my top priorities. There’s loads of natural light, gorgeous views and the warm afternoon sun. I wanted to create a calm and relaxing vibe - Have to frequently stop myself from laying on that gorgeous Daybed Lol! 

We use muted earthy colours, natural materials and texture to bring warmth to a minimal interior. When starting with your larger pieces, for example your sofa, bed and rug, go for neutrals and layer them with accessories that are soft and subtle in colour.

Think of grey and think of dull? Nothing can be further from the truth when it comes to urban home styling and decor. Grey is a shade that can fit around any aesthetic and whatever trends may come and pass, a monochrome palette is always on trend.

Our signature style incorporates textured throws, rugs and cushions to make interiors feel warm and cosy, softens harsh lines in the architecture. It's simple but highly effective and never goes out of style!

Shop featured pieces to style your next space:

My Shopping List (Home Office)

  • Rustic Console - Provincial Living
  • Office Chair - Brosa
  • Daybed and Bookshelf - IKEA's HEMNES Collection
  • Linen throw and cushions - Adairs
  • Black Vessel - Freedom Australia
  • Vintage Books - Op Shop
  • Arch Mirror & Lamp - Kmart Aus
  • Framed Art - Shop our Collection

Minimal Colour. Maximum Style.

Earthy Monochrome - Home Office

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