Melbourne Showroom (Build No.6)

Excited is an understatement!!

The last 2yrs have been surreal. Watching something that you’ve created/built from scratch and poured your heart and soul into, grow, is a dream come true.

We’d always hoped that we’d move into a commercial property or build a space where we could showcase our collection - we didn’t think it would be so soon haha butttt here we are!!  

We secured the Warehouse in Dec 2022 while we were still working on the Castle Renovation. The Showroom build began after we completed that project, end of Feb 2023. It was an empty shell so we built everything from scratch… What started as a small office space, to display a few items, turned into a double story house! Lol 

Our Showroom is open by appointment so we can also juggle our Furniture Business, Reno Project Management & Interior Design Commitments. We officially started taking bookings from June 2nd 2023. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get here. We can’t wait for you to visit xx

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