What a Difference a Few Cushions Can Make!

What’s a luxury sofa without a stylish cushion arrangement? Not only are cushions functional essentials, they’re also your sofa’s seasonal outfit change – a way to dress up, down or style it any way you like.

Quite often there is a whole lot going on in a living room, and things can feel very busy and mismatched. Cushions can make or break a room. I don’t know about your place, but ours get thrashed too. THIS IS IMPORTANT STUFF!!

When selecting cushions, our advice, go with colours that already exist in your room. Quality is important. Select 2-3 colours that that meet the following criteria:

  1. The colour should exist in some other element in your room—it could be your curtains, a painting on the wall, a vase on your coffee table, wall colour, rug, lamp, floral arrangements etc;
  2. They must complement each other. This is the most important criteria. Don't choose three really loud and bright cushions. They must look really good together, all on their own.
  3. Choose the right cushion inserts! Goose-down/Duck-down fillings cost more but they’re practical and will last for years to come - They puff straight back up with a bit of ‘Ju-Jing’

To create a look that’s fresh and effortless - you can’t go wrong with muted and neutral tones, textures and patterns engrained into the fabric like prints, tassels or embroidery. If you’re trying to remove the ‘busyness’ this is a great way to achieve it without trying too hard. Remember, you want to create a simple, timeless and classic look, cohesiveness without feeling busy.

 How to decorate with cushions (summary) 

  1. Identify your colour palette.
  2. Let the style of room influence the number of cushions you use.
  3. Be brave and play up the size and shape of your cushions.
  4. Experiment with different textures.
  5. Change your cushions with the seasons.

By drawing out the right colours, you create connection and help bring everything in your room together, while textures, prints and patterns, add character and warmth.

How to arrange them? 

I could write a book on the various methods to display them so let’s discuss just one for today, this is our favourite, you will see it used in most of our sofa styling pics online, it’s also the most visually appealing (we think)

Sometimes the standard approach is best.

A balanced cushion arrangement is one of the most visually pleasing arrangements. Make yours interesting by playing with colour, pattern and texture.

This arrangement harmonises varying fabrics very well – its symmetry gives even the most casual or eclectic array of fabrics a smart aesthetic. This look works well with throws or other accessories which can visually balance the sofa resulting in a unique arrangement which doesn’t feel chaotic.

Our ‘go-to’ place for cushions is @adairs .. Their selection is always on point. Plus, you can’t beat quality and their prices are reasonable too! 

So next time you’re thinking about a mini makeover, try some of our useful tips. Cushions really are an inexpensive and simple way to instantly update and transform the look and feel of your home x


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